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Schools love our cases!

Real Testimonials from Real People

“The iPad cases are fabulous – thank you.  The number of teachers who have stopped me in corridors to personally thank me for arranging them is high!”

– Vanessa Matthews
Head of ICT (Educational Strategy Lead)
Aldar Academies LLC

“We have been enjoying the cases and thankfully have had very few iPad breakages”

– Tova Burack
Yavneh Academy

“We definitely want to go with the Airwave for our PK-5 as we did before.  They worked out great.  In two years I only had one broken iPad”

– Michelle Kleisley
All Saints Catholic School

“We have had excellent luck with the UZBL cases. Many compliments for them and they have been holding up very well. One of the best things I can say is that the installation of the cases, ShockWave included, is a lot faster than similar products.”

– Bill Hefty
Technology Support Specialist
Frenship ISD

“[The Pose 2] are wonderful.  The teachers and students love them.”

– Angie Richardson
Instructional Coach
Black Water Middle School

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