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If you are going to TCEA 2018, then be on the lookout for the UZBL booth!

the best ipad cases for schools

UZBL will be giving out free iPad Case, Chromebook, and Macbook case samples for educators who are interested in reviewing the quality of our cases for school purchases.

We pride ourselves with the high quality protection our cases provide. UZBL cases have been used in over 600 school districts for a reason!

uzbl eva case

This year, UZBL will be unveiling many new products, including their brand new Macbook Air 13 Hardshell, Dell 3180, 3189, and Lenovo Yoga line of products!

uzbl macbook air 13

If you want to be the first to get your hands on these cases for FREE be sure to visit booth #2321 to get your free commercial samples!

See Us at Booth #2321 @ TCEA 2018

uzbl convention

We look forward to meeting you! If you will not be able to attend the event, you can always request a free sample here.

Why Choose UZBL?

UZBL isn’t always first to the market with a new case for new devices, but UZBL definitely takes their time to truly test and perfect their case designs.

For example, UZBL’s new Lenovo Yoga Chromebook case is one of the few cases that actually allows the Lenovo Yoga to fold fully without a large, awkward gap at the hinge. Careful designing work and testing was required to perfect this very essential feature of the Lenovo Yoga.

UZBL puts an emphasis on protection!

And this is the number 1 reason why schools should be considering UZBL over the competition. Our cases serve their purpose well and we offer quality protection at a great price!


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