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We recently got our newest product in, the “Always On” Slim EVA Chromebook Case for 11 inch chromebooks. This is a chromebook/laptop case that is designed to remain on the laptop at all times whether it is opened or closed and also doubles up as a carrying case/bag.


The re-design of this case represents a new design trend in recent UZBL products. The first difference is the introduction of bright blue, rubberized zippers. Blue has become a more integrated color with the UZBL brand and this little touch of blue on the product really adds a nice splash of color to the product.

The other difference from previous designs is the re-positioning of the UZBL logo towards the top corner.


Of course, what makes this case unique from other carrying cases is that it’s not only a carrying case, but also a protective case that’s “Always On” the device. When the case is fully unzipped and opened, the laptop will open with it.


This case provides a perfect way to protect the device and transport it. It is very simple to install, simply place the four corners of the chromebook into corresponding slots and installation is done.


Big surprise that our company name, UZBL, is supposed to sound like “usable.” So a big concern with us whenever we introduce a new product is how practical and usable it is. We took care to make sure the charging cables and USB ports could be easily accessed, even with the case on.  The internal perimeter of the case features a very soft material to protect the corners of the chromebook but along the sides, there is some breathing room for accessories and ports to be accessed.

When the case is fully zipped and closed, those sides become even more rigid and protective. We know when the case is opened, it needs to be a little more accessible.

“Always On”

Those clips holding the laptop in place aren’t flimsy little clips, they’re strapped into the back of the case with tough, elastic material that should take a lot more than a few shakes to pop off.

The whole purpose of “Always On” is that your device is vulnerable whenever it’s “naked.” What’s the point of carrying around your laptop in a fancy case when it becomes “naked” once you take it out to use it. Laptops can drop when you’re carrying them around AND when you’re using them.

Since our products are also designed to be used in schools, this is such an important feature!

The UZBL “Always On” Slim EVA is designed to protect your device, no mater where it lands!


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